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Bus Stop

Definitions, pigeon-holes, limitations and inspiration. Are people who hang on to the “old” forms of street photography the equivalent of stuckist painters? I’m tempted to write something longer in response to the suggestion that Street Photography is dead but in the meantime here’s a picture of a bus stop.

Old Comments

The comments from the previous WordPress blog.

Kevin Bjorke: I see dead genres…

And they don’t know that they’re dead.

(no one else knows, either)

Joe: you know there are some street images that belong in hotel rooms, there are some that belong on hotel walls, there are some that belong on the cover of fashion magazines, and there are some that belong in them, all of these can be different degrees of “street”, but the best ones are the ones that belong in hard-cover books, because they need to be locked there, not because they are photo journalism of depraved nations, but because they are just too engaging,

engaging because they are just too relevant to what we see every day, but are unable to stare at, nor do we want to have these images staring back at us in our walk to the kitchen, I’m thinking engaging, common and candid and the resurrection of ‘street’.

I think that ‘street’ as many people know it, has in-fact been reduced to advanced pattern recognition, but I think the candid nature of street has the possibilities of being stronger than ever with the introduction of more discreet quality image collection possibilities. So has street died?, it would be a long debate, but I the mean time, i give you a gallery of bus stops, let’s let them suggest :-)


admin: Yes, it’s the reductionists that irritate me the most. I also don’t mind seeing street on the walk to to the kitchen, hey, even in the kitchen. So, yes, I don’t think another categorisation based on display location is going to help us. Even if kitchen wall street sounds pretty grim.

Here’s another category for you - mountain biking street photographers.


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