Resisting the List

Resting Place

Teaching yesterday I probably made it sound like I’m in constant turmoil battling the list of things that I don’t take photographs of. Chairs dumped on the street are on the list partly because they always make me think of Richard Wentworth. So today I walked past and then went back just to prove I’m not completely ruled by my own rules.

Old Comments

The comments from the previous WordPress blog.

Tom: Does it make a difference if the chair has been “placed” rather than “dumped”, as theres a fair number of chair shots on your site?

Make you should have a “chair” category, so they are easer to track down?


admin: I can’t see any “dumped” chairs in the blog (phew). By placed, I wonder if you are referring to things like park / street benches, which I see as a different category entirely. I can’t tag pictures that are outside the blog so there wouldn’t be many in “chairs” if it was a category. Maybe if I called it “sit”, or something.

Tom: Not dumped, but I meant stuff like:

Fat Red Armchair and Resistance is Futile

which are both pretty chair-like, though I guess not dumped. Maybe I’m just not seeing the significance of dumped chairs specifically.


admin: Next time you go out you will see dumped chairs everywhere. You may see significance, or you may need to wait until you’ve shot hundreds, transcended the cliché and produced the bumper book of dumped chairs. Unless it’s not a cliché, I’ve imagined the whole thing and they’re not everywhere. Either way, the book will need a snappy title.

Tom: Maybe I’ll just sign up to the street furniture (SF) mailing list and lurk there for awhile.

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