I’ve had a manic four weeks editing video for a DVD and teaching two days a week. Things have calmed now so I’m back to scanning Cyclops negatives like this one.

Old Comments

The comments from the previous WordPress blog.

John Brownlow: that it is firkin awesome image, Gary. Light is wonderful. My Noblex is in a box awaiting repair. There’s a strange moment when you start to see everything in a cylindrical projection. I really like the 6x17 format

John Brownlow: There is a huge difference between digital composites and pano negs, you’re right. The composites are more rhetorical or operatic. The pano negs have a sort of greybeard authority. “Oh, well, you young stitched whippersnappers are all very well but I show you what it was actually LIKE”. Or something. They feel radically different, visually speaking.

Gary: I can’t remember what I said about the differences, but at the moment, for me the most important difference is in the making. Not that I’m dealing in decisive moments here but it feels much easier (err, emotionally, not just technically) to take one picture than it does to think about and take multiple pictures. Hmm, I’m not sure what that emotion is…

You may be right about the visual difference too. I might try seeing how easily I can replicate Cyclops pictures (in terms of angle of view / format) with my digital.

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