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I haven’t posted a “gear in pieces” picture for awhile so here’s the next best thing; the first version of an extremely wide angle medium format (6x12cm) camera I’m building. It’s mostly bits bought on ebay with a couple of pieces of plywood in the middle, all held together with lots of tape. It’s missing some niceties and hopefully the final version will have less tape. I’ve put a couple of test rolls through - results to follow assuming there’s something on the film.

Old Comments

The comments from the previous WordPress blog.

John Kendall: This is an exciting project. I’ve always wanted to buy a VistaShift 612 from Ralph Fuerbringer, but don’t believe that they are available any longer.

Your camera reminds me of the huge area coverage of his camera.

I’d love to make one but don’t think I’m skilled enough.

Have you ever made a camera for anyone else?


admin: Hi John - I’m not sure if I have the skills myself! If you do what I did, it really isn’t very difficult and I’m sure you could find someone to put the bits together for you. The “body” is only a flat piece with a hole in the middle - more or less. I haven’t tested it enough to decide whether I’m happy with what it produces.

steve: Any chance you could give me some pointers in constructing a Version One?

admin: It really is just a lens (which includes a shutter), a focus mount, a plywood spacer and a roll-film holder. The focus mount and film holder came from Hong Kong or China via ebay. Search on ebay - 6x12 Roll Film Back - should find same or similar. I can’t see the helical lens mount on ebay at the moment but you can get more expensive / better versions to match a particular lens. Here’s a discussion on Helical focussing mounts in lenses | Photography Forums.

I hope that helps.

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