Mysterious Vending Machine

I spent an hour or so teaching a friend how to use his Canon EOS-1D Mark II and he gave me an old 35mm (doh!) Ricoh 500 rangefinder as payment. His excuse was that he thought I collected old cameras, which I definitely do not*. I’m not trying as hard as I should to give up 35mm film and couldn’t resist putting a roll through it. The focussing tabs and the film winder on the bottom are nice features. There were lots of blank frames so I guess the shutter is sticky but this picture is one that worked.

Meanwhile, my new book is ready! It’s called Pavemental and has 22 wonderful photographs in it. Unfortunately, I’m too busy working on a DVD to post any more information. If you’re desperate, just send me cash.

Update: I’ve actually bought lots of old film cameras since I wrote this.

Old Comments

The comments from the previous WordPress blog, in reverse order, so start at the bottom.

Gary: Well ok but the good thing about finishing this one is that I can get on with the panoramic book. That’s going to have metal covers so if it’s spiral bound putting it together might be more engineering than book binding.

Tom: Sweet! It’s Spiral bound, all photographic books should be spiral bound.

Gary: £36 to you. I should sort this out properly but here’s a preview page.

jd: hurray! how much is cash? ;) l8r /jd

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