Launch Issue

Monopod Pic

Sorry if you’ve seen the first three pictures before (now deleted) but it’s been a bit of a struggle to set this up. Let me know if anything looks odd - HTML wise.

As the logo at the bottom indicates, this is driven by ‘Greymatter’ blogging software (was GM - it’s now MoveableType). I’ve also used iView and a bit of Applescript to save myself having to type code in the entries.

New pictures should follow soon.

[Update: now using Wordpress]

[2021-07-28: Final Update? Now using Hugo! Yes, this was the start of my blog in 2003 when it was called ‘In the Realm of the Underwhelmed’. I removed it from my other site in 2016 and intended putting it back up on this site but it took until 2021 for me to get around to it.]

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