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I’m always interested in seeing the underpants of a gallery and while I’m sure running such an enterprise is often a thankless task, it amuses me how often they seem unprepared for visitors. I sometimes find myself more interested in the mechanics of the place than the stuff on show. Today I went to Alec Soth at HOST (website gone) and fortunately the pictures were enough of a distraction from all the construction work but I did feel like I was getting in the way a bit. Still, my arrival seemed to prompt the stacking of the otherwise empty bookshelf which gave me another chance to browse the Niagara book and get in the way some more.

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The comments from the previous WordPress blog.

ben roberts: ah… you should have been there a wee bit later on for the ‘closing party’!

one thing i love about the host gallery is that they stock up their shelves with books for openings/events - keeps people interested and hanging around after they have seen the images.

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