Hey! That's My Camera


I recently got some laser cutting done for a job and it got me thinking…

I designed this pinhole camera around 9 years ago using 3D software and Illustrator so I thought I’d repurpose the files for laser cutting. It’s the same basic design but I’m making it easier to load film and of course, it’s now going to be built much more accurately.

Meanwhile one of the two pictures that I marked as ‘creative commons’, as an experiment, on my Flickr got picked up and used on PetaPixel: When Everyone Has Access to the Same Cameras… in a post which references Seth Godin’s blog post. They make a point I’ve long thought about digital cameras - they have make it harder to make pictures that look different from everyone else’s. Which is partly why I’ve tried to use (and build) odd cameras over the years.

So I’m getting back to making and the pinhole seemed like the easiest first step. There are more plans!

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