Digital Photography Courses London


This is mainly a plug for a course I’m running at Photofusion in October but as ever, you can ignore the text and just look at the picture. The course is called ‘Starting Digital Photography’, it runs for three days (3, 4, 5th October) and is aimed at people who want to get the most from their digital SLR with an introduction to Photoshop. More details on the Photofusion page. The course is limited to eight people but if you’d prefer something more tailored, or shorter, I also do one-to-one tuition (Update: not any more).

Old Comments

The comments from the previous WordPress blog.

Digital Traveler: Man…your photography is similar to mine. I love that picture! I hope you can take a look at my blog. Maybe you can consider using my book, Digital Art Photography For Dummies: Bamberg, Matthew as part of your classes. At any rate, spread the word, my book’s for sale all over the U.K.

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