BARGAIN! TWO for the price of ONE!


This is one from Cornershop, a new series. They really need to be seen as big prints but… view more here: Cornershop | Gary Alexander

Three from this set will be on show as part of the LIP annual exhibition: 14th to 27th October 2007 at Cottons Atrium.

Old Comments

The comments from the previous WordPress blog.

Dave Clarke: Your “cornershop” series is very striking and refreshingly topical. I love down-to-earth everyday subjects shot with such attention to timing and detail. Am trying to work out whether they’re stitched fisheye’s or panoramic shots? If they’re stitched well…..I can’t see the joins!

Great pix anyhow, and the subject is complimented well by your choice of technique.

admin: Thanks! Yes, the join is deliberately hard to spot :-) They have ‘shared’ sky for example. Most people don’t seem to notice shadows that indicate the sun being in two different places. That adds to the fun for me.

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