Architecture Cannot Escape Fashion

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I’m reading The Look of Architecture which makes connections between architecture and clothing that had never occurred to me before. It’s also a bit negative about the failure of photography to capture important aspects of architecture which makes me wonder what the author would think of Tadao Ando: The Colours of Light which also seems to be at the top of my pile at the moment and has some great photographs by Richard Pare - Wikipedia.

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K-Tee: Hi, im writing my dissertation on fashion and architecture and am also reading The Look of Architecture, and just wondered if you knew of any other good sources of information for this subject…? Thanks K-Tee.

kavita: i am studying the influence of architecture on clothes or vice versa…if anyone can tell me where to look…it would be most brateful….especially with regard to indian context

Gary: Yes, the absence of people is one of the things the book mentions. People seem to be too distracting. Similarly, interiors have to be perfectly arranged as if unlived in. Although I like a lot of the Pare photos in the other book, I think they do tend to reduce the Ando architecture to abstraction. Is architecture overlooked as an element in street photography that does have people?

KB: Curious about this “failure.” I have my own opinion about architectural photography – it almost always ignores human scale – in fact goes out of its way to avoid human figures or even occupied parking lots. As such it ignores architecture’s most primal function, that of “commodity” to human use and occupation.

Al: Great picture, reds are always tough and you nailed it. The Coke can is icing on the cake.

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